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પાલખ (Scaffolding)

Construction is the Key Factor in the Growth of the Nation. Quality Construction requires Multiple Skills and One of them is Quality Manpower with Skill in Scaffolding. This course on Scaffolding provides Skills on Quality Construction with Precision. Course includes modules on:

Introduction to Scaffolding, planning/ configuring scaffolding, erection of scaffolding of various types, establishing platforms and safety measures and dismantling and removing on completion of job, Work Effectively in a Team, Plan and Organise Work to Meet Expected Outcome and Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 400 Hours.
Certification: Can be generated Online upon successful completion of the Course

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 10th Pass
Minimum Age: 18 Years.

Benefits: At the End of the Course, The Candidate will be given the opportunity to appear for an Interview and get a Placement Opportunity to work with the any Industry involved in Construction Work. The Placement Opportunity can be for anywhere in India.

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