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Diet and Nutrition

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of nutrition and gives them tools for healthy eating. Topics covered include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, life cycle needs, and diets for athletes. 

Dietetics and Nutrition is a branch or specialization of medical science that deals with the study of various foods along with their nutritional values and customizing it as per patients' or a person's health and fitness requirements. Dietetics and Nutrition course is also a part of Health and Wellness branch.

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 80 Hours.

Certificate: Can be generated online upon successful completion of the course.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: Open for All
Minimum Age: 16 Years

Benefits: This course enables the candidate to develop knowledge of the science of nutrients and their effects, as well as the social factors which influence nutrition. It covers food science, food production, and physiology. Nutrition plays a major role in enhancing the quality of life through improved physical growth, immune-competence and enhancing productivity with improved health. Social, economic and cultural factors influence food consumption pattern and thus nutrition status of the individual. Further, Changes in nutrient composition during food processing and storage also needed to be studied. Thus our course offerings traverse the entire foodscape.

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