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Macrame Work

This course will teach you the Art of Macramé. Macrame is a beautiful way to unleash your creativity, engage your brain, and create beautiful projects. The best part is, you don't need much to begin with - just your hands and some cord!

Whether you are a brand-new knotter or a macrame veteran, this course will provide you with everything you need to know in creating beautiful projects and making your very own designs. The course will start with the very basics - the main knots you need to know for macrame and how to set up your workstation. We will then go through some beginner macrame projects. 

This course will cover Fibre Tying and knotting Techniques, Design Patterns, and Creating Your Own Macramé Pieces. This course will also cover training on Unique Macramé Projects For Your Home.

The main focus here is - practice is key! 

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 60 Hours.
Certificate: Can be generated online upon successful completion of the course.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: Open for All

Happy Learning !!!

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