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Hair Stylist

This course on Hair Stylist is designed with a focus on a specific skillset in Beauty Industry. This course prepares youth to become specialised in Hair Styling Services.

The course includes modules on Introduction to the Hair Stylist Program, Prepare and Maintain the Work Area, Blow Dry Hair, Perform Shampoo & Conditioning Services, Perform Scalp Massage & Hair Spa Services, Perform Hair Cut, Perform Hair Styling & Dressing, Colour & Lighten Hair, Perform & Neutralise Hair, Perform Hair Relaxing & Straightening Service, Workplace Health & Safety, Creating a Positive Impression at Workplace and Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 250 Hours (6 Weeks).
Certificate: Can be generated Online upon successful completion of the Course

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 10th Pass
Minimum Age: 18 Years

Benefits: After completion of the course, the candidates can start their own Hair Styling Services to be provided to women on special occasions to nearby communities and start generating livelihood. If she desires to work as a Hair Stylist in any salon, she can be given an opportunity to appear for an Interview to work in Beauty Industry. The Interview and Job Location can be anywhere in India. 

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