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Welding Technician

Welding is very Critical for any Infrastructure Development Project and it requires specific Skill Sets. Getting acquainted with Types of Weldings enhances the chance of being a Good Welding Technician and work for an Infrastructure Development Company. This course exactly does the same making everyone a Good Welding Technician.

The course includes modules on:

Diving Into the World of Welding, Considering Commonly Welded Metals, Setting Your Sights on Welding Safety, Setting Up Your Welding Shop, Getting on the Stick: Understanding Stick Welding, Getting to Work with Stick Welding, To Tig or Not To Tig: Understanding Tig Welding, Trying Out Tig Welding, Understanding the ABCs of Mig Welding, Practicing Mig Welding, Examining Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting, Ready, Set, Cut! Trying Out Plasma Arc Cutting and Oxyfuel Cutting, Exploring Special Weld Processes, Exploring Pipe Welding, Working with Cast Iron, Two Welding Projects to Boost Your Welding Shop, Constructing a Campfire Grill, Fixing to Fix Things: Analyzing and Planning, Ten Tools Every Welder Wants, Advantages of Being a Certified Welder, Welding Defects, Ten Signs You’re Welding Correctly, Ten Maintenance Tips for Your Welding Equipment and Shop and Employability & Entrepreneurship Skills

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 450 Hours.

Certification: Can be generated Online upon successful completion of the Course

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 12th Pass/ITI is preferable.

Minimum Age: 18 Years.

Benefits: At the End of the Course, The Candidate will be given the opportunity to appear for an interview and get a Placement Opportunity to work with the Infrastructure Development Company. The Interview offering can be for Placement anywhere in India.

Happy Learning!!!

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