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Marine Operations

A port is a harbour where marine terminal facilities are provided. These facilities consist of piers of wharves at which ships berth while loading or unloading cargo, transit sheds and other storage areas where ships may discharge incoming cargo and ware houses where goods may be stored for longer periods while awaiting for distribution or sailing. This includes timely operation management. This course on Marine Operations equips you to work at sites like Port where Marine Operations are involved.

The course includes modules on: Water Transportation, Port and Harbours, Port Facilities, Navigational Aids, Dredging, Managing Marine Operations, International Maritime Organization, Maritime Boards, Major Port Trusts Act-1963 & Indian Ports Act-1908

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 300 Hours.
Certification: Can be generated Online upon successful completion of the Course

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:12th Pass (Graduates are Preferred).
Minimum Age: 18 Years.

Benefits: At the End of the Course, The Candidate will be given the opportunity to appear for an interview and get a Placement Opportunity to work with the industry involved in Marine Operations. The Interview offering can be for Placement anywhere in India.

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