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Industrial Safety

The industrialization has brought within its wake several problems. One such is industrial accidents. With rapid advances in the industrial process, a newer types of damages to life, limb, and health are being increasingly introduced. Mechanical, electrical, chemical and radiation hazards set us on all sides. Yearly several lakhs of employees are injured in factories due to accidents.

 These accidents represent a social loss of great magnitude in the form of pain, loss of earning capacity, and cost due to disturbance to economic efficiency. The economic costs are more tangible of beings computed. To the management, it is the direct costs meeting medical expenses, compensation , or disability benefit to the injured or their families and also the various other indirect costs due to interference caused by accidents which are generally taken roughly as four times the direct costs. To society, the economic cost is in terms of productive capacity and the cost of maintenance of the injured and their families through social security schemes or through public or private charities.

The course includes modules on Fundamentals of Industrial Safety, Industrial Psychology in Accident Prevention, Safety Policy & Committee, Safe Work Permit System, Job Safety Analysis, Damage Control, Plant Safety Inspection, Industrial Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment, Control of Industrial Noise, Control of Industrial Lighting, Heating & Ventilation, Safety in Petroleum & Chemical Industries, Safety in Material Handling, Electrical Safety, Electrical Safety Management, Safety in Construction Industry, Excavation Safety, Scaffold Safety, Accident Investigation and Accident Report, Ladder Safety, Confined Space and Controls for Precautions against Injury.

Time Duration Investment: Approximately 400 Hours.
Certificate: Can be generated online upon successful completion of the course.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria: 12th Pass
Minimum Age: 18 Years

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