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Retail Sales Associate

This participant handbook is designed to facilitate training for the sales associate qualification pack (QP). It provides learners with the necessary knowledge to carry out the job roles and functions of a Sales Associate effectively. The handbook briefly describes the company criteria for providing Credit Facilities, Policies and Procedures of an organization for handling security risks and company policy towards health and safety.


It also focuses on how to interpret customer responses and acknowledge customer buying decision. Additionally, it emphasis on specialist product demonstration and time management while interacting with customers. The handbook aims at rendering as much detail as required for a Sales Associate to work effectively in any type of retail environment.


The handbook is divided into 16 National Occupational Standards (NOS). NOSs are occupational standards that have been endorsed and agreed to buy the industry leaders for various roles. The OS specify the standards of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out the function in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently.


The Characteristics of this Handbook:-

1. It enhances the understanding of the policies and regulations in the retail sector.

2. It provides guidance to perform essential functions safely and efficiently.

3. It helps learners understand the Job Role and Responsibilities of a Retail Sales Associate.


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