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Stories of Change

Amith Kumar

Un-Armed Security Guard

Growing up, Amith faced many hurdles in life. A 27-year-old from Balia, could not continue his education post 12th as well he failed to get a job as per his desire to secure the nation at any cost. It was a struggle for him to support his family with the jobs he had. It was then that he started to look out for an opportunity where he could get some skills and a good job in order to support his family.

He got to know a course about "Un-Armed Security Guard" offered by Adani Saksham and about its prospects of getting a reputed job at one of the well-known companies. The information intrigued his desire to become someone, so he enrolled in the course and acquired physical training, basic drill movements and indoor theory, Also gained knowledge about physical skills which helped him boost his confidence level. He was offered a job as a Security Guard from SIS security agency at Mutthukur, SPSR Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

He added, "I was in such a phase of life when he was left clueless, & today proudly he can say "Main Bhi SAKSHAM".

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