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Stories of Change

Bajjo Devi

Sewing Machine Operator

Bajjo Devi, residing at Tesobathan village of Sundepahari block in Godda district of Jharkhand State. Her husband is a daily wage worker on a farm & the only earner in the family of five. To raise their three children, earnings were not enough. This situation pushed her into thinking to contribute to the family's income by developing a skill. 

During sponsored program offered by Adani Skill Development Centre through a seminar in her block, she enrolled herself in a Sewing Machine Operator course. Over the course completion of 3 months she joined "Phoolo Jhano Saksham Aajeevika Sakhi Mandal" an initiative supported by the Adani Foundation in order to submit the school uniform stitching order received from the government of Jharkhand. Today, over a period of time she has started supporting her family & able to give education to their children & improve their lifestyle as well. It was not just a fight for survival but was also a parallel fight to the community's taboo of not allowing women to work.

She says, " This makes me satisfied & self-reliant, and thankful to Saksham for this beautiful change in my life".

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