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Stories of Change

Swati Parmar

Beauty & Wellness

In Adani Skill Development Centre, we run various courses in the Beauty and wellness sector which includes Beauty Therapist, Manicurist and Pedicurist etc. Since its establishment, it has proved to be one of the most successful courses of Saksham. What happens is the demand to get skilled in the beauty and wellness sector is very high so is its cost of learning. 

In urban areas, the cost of living is usually high and so is the cost of learning new skills. There are many young girls and even women who possess strong inclination towards beauty and wellness often compromise on their dreams. With increase in style statement and frequent launch of new beauty products there is a huge craze of beauty treatments.


Swati Parmar is one such married woman and mother of two who was fond of beauty treatments since childhood, she says “ In my childhood there were no smartphones using which we get updated with recent trends.” Suppressing her passion towards the beauty industry she used to live life as a happy and successful house-wife until one day she came to know about Adani Skill Development Centre and various courses run under its csr and government scheme related  programs under National Skill India Mission.

Swati was the happiest when she came to know that ASDC is providing Beauty and wellness training with nominal participatory fee by expert trainers Ms Prerna Sharma and Ms Sapna Patel who must have trained thousands of trainees so far.

Swati’s first dream to get skilled under beauty and wellness was fulfilled by ASDC but this was not the end. There was something bigger planned for her. By seeing her  love and passion towards the beauty industry, her husband sponsored her with a home saloon for her which was inaugurated by her trainers in September 2020. Yes ! The time is tough for this business to grow but Swati's efforts made it possible to pick up pace slowly.

She runs saloon with extreme care and safety precautions and gains trust of her clients. Sawati says “ I thought once married, you surpass the age where you can think of fulfilling dreams but if one gets a platform like Adani Skill Development Centre, everything is possible.” She started earning a monthly income of Rs. 8000/- to 10,000/- and hopes that once situation gets improved , her parlour will do much better. 

“Truth is there is not a right or predetermined age for success; only people who finally decide to succeed. Age is in your mind!”  

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