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Stories of Change

Abhi Chauhan

Retail Sales Associate

Abhi Chauhan has completed Diploma in Civil Engineering. His father is a construction contractor mother is a house wife and sister is perusing her Nursing.  He had a dream to start business.

One of his friends informed him about Saksham- Adani Skill Development Centre at Surat. When our counselor spoke to him he was clear on what he wanted to learn the skills of selling, marketing & Entrepreneurship. So we suggested him to start training himself in Retail Sales Associate.

From the first day he was very enthusiastic and attended all classes.  He went for 5 day OJT at Big Bazar and got himself certified.

He was one of the first students who got a Gold certificate under PMKVY examination in ASDC.

After completion of training he was successfully placed at Big Bazar at Surat and he continued his job for 6 months and then left to fulfil his dreams of being an Entrepreneur.

He did a market survey for 3 months on what is the current demand. He found out that he can pitch in selling Men’s Handkerchief and his customers are higher middle class people and rich people. He compares his product with many branded companies like Van Hesusen and Park Avenue.

He has designed the brand with name “SWANS” and when questioned why this name? he answers with a smile stating that “Rich people like English names”.

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